Behind the Scenes: How We Pick Our Suppliers

Suppliers meeting
Suppliers meeting

Picking a supplier here at My Procurement Partner is an important process, and one that we don’t ever take lightly. We require our suppliers to be reliable, organised, and good at what they do. Why? Because we need to be able to recommend them to our clients when they come to us, making trust a vital factor during our selection process.

Our suppliers range from small-scale managed print providers to larger corporate conglomerates, so we like to have a wide range to pick from and match up with whatever type of client comes to ask for our help in securing their next managed print contract. No one situation is the same and each client has different requirements, needs and experiences. There is not one supplier which fits every situation so having a wide-ranging supplier network is really key for us.

One way in which we add to our suppliers list is through our website. We have an entire page dedicated to a Supplier Application Form found here, which provides us with basic contact information which we can then chase up to learn more about what services they provide and whether they suit our business model and way of working.

Another way we find suppliers is through our experience of the marketplace and via recommendation of clients we work with. It is very easy for us to ask questions to our suppliers for them to give us the right answer, and we feel that speaking to clients that have already had direct experience of the suppliers in question really gives us insight as to what they are like as a managed print partner.

Here at My Procurement Partner, we also spend a lot of time asking suppliers for proposals and so we also have to be sure that they’re not going to get frustrated when they don’t get picked for a project. We work long-term with these companies, and so we have to ensure that our suppliers are great at communicating. Whenever a client proposal has been confirmed, we agree to a rollout schedule for work to take place, and so it’s important that we can find a supplier that believes in being transparent and getting the job done. A bad supplier reflects badly on us, and so we need confidence that they will always be available for regular performance reviews to ensure that standards are maintained.printing meeting

One thing we try to ensure with our suppliers is that they’re honest. As noted in our previous blog post Finding Your Perfect MPS Provider: All You Need to Know, trust is key. Any supplier that joins our database has to be comfortable with the terms and conditions that we set out. So many businesses get stung with hidden surge costs in their contracts year on year, which is why we make sure that there are no surprises throughout the term of the contract, all of our suppliers are open and honest from the beginning allowing our clients to make an informed decision from the outset. This then leads to great relationships being formed between our clients and their chosen suppliers, which in turn means for us that we can come away extremely happy that our clients have entered into a secure, cost-efficient contract.

All of our suppliers are compiled onto a database, which we can then refer to whenever a new client comes on board so that we can notify them of any upcoming projects and go through the selection process. But don’t think that once a supplier makes it onto our database, they’re there forever. Our network of suppliers is being constantly re-evaluated so that we never work with anyone that we don’t think will be able to deliver a long-term contract to a great standard. And it doesn’t take long to learn which suppliers are the most reliable. They provide great responses whenever we create and issue an RFP (Request for Proposal) upon gaining a new project, and are keen to provide competitive pricing for any contracts. We soon get to know which suppliers have higher price points, and what type of supplier is suitable for each client that comes to us.

Suitability and good value for money are two of the key factors we look for when matching up a client and a supplier, which is why picking the suppliers for our database network is so crucial. Find the right supplier for the right client, and we can create a dynamic business relationship that can last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a new managed print supplier and think My Procurement Partner could be the right company to help you with this, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.