Why Go MPS? Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Managed Print Service

managed print services
managed print services

Do you have regular battles with your printer at work? If you’re finding that your company time is increasingly being spent on day-to-day maintenance tasks – replacing toners, fixing your hardware, and arguing about where you put your printing supplies – then it might be time for you to find a Managed Print Service provider. But why go MPS? Do they really make that much of an impact on your business’s printing? And is it actually worth using MPS when you could do it yourself?

In short – yes. When it comes to increased efficiency and time-saving, there really is no better solution than MPS. Here we take a look at the five great benefits of letting the experts do the work. Have a read and see what you think.

  1. You’ll receive a thorough print audit and assessment

MPS providers are experts at what they do, and you would be amazed at just how much information can be gathered during this initial printing audit of your business. This thorough assessment is the true gateway to printing efficiency, as your MPS team will be able to identify ways to consolidate your hardware. Do you have too many devices scattered around your organisation and using up valuable space and electricity, for example? Are you ordering too many supplies without getting through the old ones? Print experts will have the ability to calculate the true cost of an ad-hoc approach and identify ways to make savings, as well as recommending a tailored printing programme to cater to the various needs of different departments within an organisation.

What else does a large company-wide print assessment undertaken by a good Managed Print Service firm address? Security measures, for one. This audit could identify any IP security risks that you could possibly face, before then mitigating these risks with a bespoke security plan. Whether this involves printer sign-in systems or regular hard drive cleaning, these practises could reduce the risk of hackers getting into your system and wreaking havoc with your data. Having a single printing provider also naturally reduces the number of company ‘outsiders’ accessing your devices – allowing for greater safety as well as visibility over how each printer within your company is performing.

  1. Improve environmental sustainability

Everyone has a duty to do their bit for the environment, and businesses should be no exception, no matter their size. By using a MPS package, you’ll receive increased monitoring and analysis of your paper, electricity and print consumable usage, which puts you in a better position to intervene and reduce your environmental footprint – something that your company can be extremely proud of in years to come.

  1. Cut your printing costs by as much as 30%

Whilst you might have previously thought that a sporadic approach to printing was the easiest way to manage your organisation’s printing, this can lead to vast expenses in the long run – from panic buying, to time-wasting when replacing devices and doing installations yourself.

Not only does an MPS provider reduce maintenance costs by working with automated, cloud-based system on a larger scale, they also very often connect all devices to one monitoring system to ensure just-in-time delivery of replacement toners and repairs. Using this approach allows you to bulk-buy and save considerable supply costs, as well as reduce any expenditure on unused stock.

  1. Save time

Nobody likes having their time wasted, and being forced to spend precious working hours on printer-related tasks is unlikely to put your employees in a good mood. Whether you’re dealing with inefficient hardware that works slowly or often malfunctions, or even having to regularly replace cartridges and toners, these office-based tasks can start to add up.

A Managed Print Service should identify such problems and include plans to reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks. This frees up staff time to focus on other strategic initiatives, as opposed to day-to-day maintenance tasks.

  1. Enjoy the latest hardware

Another plus point of using an MPS comes in the form of frequent hardware upgrades, giving you access to cutting-edge technology from within the industry as soon as it’s released. When picking your Managed Print Services provider, you can even opt for one that can offer staff training too, which will help get your colleagues up to speed with new hardware and workflows to increase efficiency once again.

By offering flexible payment options, the cost of purchasing an entire fleet of devices and receiving the correct training to use them is no longer such a scary idea – you can enjoy the very best hardware without worrying about the costs.

So where do My Procurement Partner come in? Well, once you’ve decided that an MPS provider is right for you, we step in on your journey to helping you find the right one. That way you can receive all the benefits of a great MPS provider listed above, but without the hassle of trawling through them all to find the best for your business! Want to learn more? Head to our contact page and get in touch today!