St Peter’s C of E School

1: The Client

St Peter’s C of E Primary Academy was established in the nineteenth century. At various times throughout its history, there has been an all boys school, all girls school as well as an infant school on site. These three schools have been merged over time, resulting in a mixed primary school. The building reflects their long history, in that different sections of it are built in different styles and materials. The oldest part was built in 1856 as a Vicarage, and is actually a listed building.

2: The Brief

St Peter’s School where looking to gain an understanding of their existing photocopier contracts. After there was a change in office management the school wanted to understand contractual liabilities while also understanding if there where any improvements to be made without making any massive changes.

3: The Solution

We provided the school with a Free Contract Health Check, where everything was assessed and reported back. Following the report, we highlighted several improvements which could be implemented and then worked with a local supplier to help the school make these changes.

What the client had to say...

Being new in post at school Michael’s involvement has been most helpful.  Having Michael at the meeting with our current supplier ensured all the right questions were asked and has enabled us to move forward with the knowledge that we need.  Our relationship with our supplier is now stronger and we know that Michael’s expertise is only a phone call away if we need him.

Emma Fairhall, Business Manager - St Peter's C of E School

Free contract health check

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