Greens Economisers & Waste Heat Recovery

1: The Client

Green’s Power are a world leader in the design and manufacture of Economisers and waste heat recovery systems. Combining their innovation and engineering expertise they help companies around the world to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

2: The Brief

The team at Greens Power where looking to replace their main office photocopier. They had an initial meeting with us, and soon decided they would like to pass the project to us, to allow them to focus on other important projects. Greens Power had 3 separate contracts with the same supplier and wanted a review of exactly how things stood at present with a plan of improvements to be made.

3: The Solution

We looked at the review and our advice to Greens was that they would be best to focus on 2 of the 3 devices which where due to be out of contract. We approached local and national firms to quote for the project with a local supplier being deemed to be the best fit for Greens.

Not only did we reduce overall expenditure by 72% but we also worked with Greens to implement controls and effect strategy, meaning their colour usage would be significantly reduced.

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