10 Things You Never Knew About Your Office Printer

Office Printer
Office Printer

As something that we tend to use multiple times a day, the humble office printer is often something we all take for granted. From reports to pictures, tickets to articles, we all turn straight to the printer whenever we need something transferred from screen to paper. So what about all the things that you never knew about your printer and printing? We’ve combed the internet for the top 10 facts for you to read through and enjoy.

1. Your printer is hot. Like, really hot. Fuser Rollers – the two cylinders that heat up to adhere the toner to the page – can reach temperatures up to 205 degrees Celsius whilst they work! These rollers then melt toner particles so they can bond with the paper’s fibres. Despite the heat of the fuser rollers, the speed at which they move prevents the paper from burning.

2. Wondering why printer cartridges are so expensive? It’s because every cartridge you use in your printer represents around four litres of oil! The reason for this is that from the manufacturing process of a printer cartridge to its transportation to your locality, a combined amount of about four litres of oil is used. Crazy when you consider the size of a cartridge!

3. A laser printer consumes about three times more power than a desktop computer while both are being actively used. However, when it comes to their idle states, a desktop computer uses about five times more power.

4. If you thought that your recently purchased compact printer was small, you have no idea how small they can get. Even the little label printer you may be using is nothing compared to the smallest in the world – known as PrintStik. PrintStik measures an amazing 1 inch x 2 inches x 11 inches. This puny little thing is a Bluetooth and mobile printing enabled printer that can be carried in your pocket. What’s more is that this printer comes inbuilt with 20 sheets of paper! They don’t come cheap though, so perhaps stick to your normal office printer for now.

5. In comparison with the PrintStik, the world’s largest printer is almost 40 x 164 feet. This printer is known as Infinitus and is made by Big Image Systems. It can print an image up to almost 2,000 square feet! This printer is used for printing backdrops for TV shows, movies, and theatre productions.

6. Ink is expensive. Okay, you probably already knew that one, but did you know exactly how expensive? The retail cost of just black ink makes it one of the most expensive liquids in the world. It costs way more than oil, and even space shuttle fuel when compared by the gallon. It’s estimated that one gallon of printer ink currently costs around $2,700.

7. Printing experts recommend that you refresh your printing fleet every 3 years. Most printers come with a 3-year warranty, but naturally many companies ignore this and end with equipment that’s decades old, which can cause plenty of problems in the long run.

8. Unfortunately, printers don’t just create information that helps us in our everyday lives; they create environmental waste as well. A fact that often gets used in relation to printing is that if the world’s discarded printer cartridges were stacked end-to-end in one year’s time, they would circle the earth over three times. Scary stuff.

9. For every double-sided piece printed paper you will save at least two pence. A quick money-saving tip that’s definitely worth sharing with your colleagues!

10. After testing several desktop printers across several manufacturers, the HP Officejet Pro X Series set the fastest time to print 500 colour sheets in a record seven minutes and 18 seconds. Compare this with Shakespearean times, when it took almost two years to print Shakespeare’s compilation of 36 plays into one book, titled “The First Folio.” At almost 400 pages, they realised that the process was so time-consuming, so proofreading and corrections were done during production. Now we can print more than this in seven minutes!