10 Brilliant Print Ads You Need to See

Whilst so many ads these days are digitalised, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good print campaign. Check out these top 10 to see some excellent examples of how companies have made the most of their advertising.

1. Newcastle Brown – Who Uses the Word “Chalice”?

Playing on the rather posh advert of their competitor Stella Artois, the team at Newcastle Brown wasted no time in putting up their own ad right underneath. The results were exactly as Newcastle intended – hilarious and well worth sharing.


2. Kitchen Aid Blender – Strawberry Banana

Kitchen Aid mixed things up in this ad, putting the strawberry texture on a banana to mimic the blending done by the high-tech mixers themselves. The great use of colour and detail makes it a winner in the advertising world.


3. Mini – Happy Halloween

Silly and fun, this bat-inspired ad from Mini was great for putting a smile on people’s faces, as it brought an unusually sinister edge to the brand.


4. Los Tacos – Authentic Mexican Food

This recent ad from Los Tacos – a Mexican food restaurant in Bergen, Norway – has been gaining a lot of attention. Whilst it doesn’t win many points for excellent design, the simple and topical humour is refreshing and certainly draws people in!


5. Utopolis Group of Cinemas – Titanic

It’s hard not to laugh at this attention-grabbing ad from Utopolis, a movie theatre brand based in France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Belgium. The campaign was entitled “Reality Sucks”, targeting the escapism that comes from watching a great film. We think it’s advertising genius!


6. Nike – Liquid

We could easily have listed 10 Nike adverts on this list, but we think they really outdid themselves for their Liquid campaign. The strong use of colour perfectly matches their “Just Do It” motto, and the result is truly stunning.


7. Lego – Imagine

For Lego’s Imagine campaign, creative agency Ogilvy & Mather took iconic paintings from history and turned them into small Lego pixel art to get people to “imagine” what they could achieve. Intended to inspire creativity, we think this ad is a great example of showing what you can do when you combine old and new ideas to create something new.


8. Chambord – No Reason

Cabbage and Chambord? Why not? Wieden+Kennedy London used a creative “Because No Reason” tagline and seemingly random imagery for this campaign in order to raise the profile of Chambord amongst women. The ads were effective, as they made a point of doing things for enjoyment, rather than obligation.


9. Global Coalition for Peace – What Goes Around Comes Around

These striking ads from the Global Coalition for Peace are perfectly crafted for print. Posted around pillars and bins in cities, these ads warn people of the dangers of violence in a way that is shocking and extremely effective.


10. Zoo Safari – Lion

The clever photography and visual effects on this print ad make for a funny yet sophisticated campaign for the Zoo Safari. We love it!


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