We are independent broker's specialising in reducing businesses Photocopier & Print costs

How we will save your business...

My Procurement Partner have the experience to save your company huge amounts of time and money on your printing services. We’ve worked with companies across the country and have achieved some unbelievable results.


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We're changing the MPS industry...

We understand just how important both time and money are to your business. Our aim at My Procurement Partner is to work alongside you to help broker the best possible managed print contract for your business.

Our years of experience in the printing industry allows us operate with full transparency. This industry has been ruled by profit for far too long, it’s time the money stayed in your pockets, allowing you to grow your business more efficiently.

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Free contract health check

We offer a free of charge, no obligation consultation that takes you through exactly where and how we can help your business.

What the client had to say...

When our photocopier contract came up for renewal we reached out to Michael to help us secure our next contract. Offering a completely independent service and advising us every step of the way it was a no brainer for us. Michael took care of the whole process, from vetting our existing contract, approaching his network of suppliers for proposals, to drawing all of the required information together – working fully on our behalf. It was such a hassle free experience for us, we will definitely be using their services again.

Carl Swaby, Director - Wilton Cobley Ltd

Our Mission Statement...

To disrupt the MPS industry by leading the way in premier client experiences, providing transparency and innovation, helping our clients make positive business decisions based on factual information, in their own time.

We Are Independent

We have no ties to any manufacturers or suppliers so are able to offer completely independent advice, ensuring you receive the best equipment, best contractual terms and the very best service package, at the very best price.

We Are Experts

With years of MPS experience behind us, we know exactly how much you should be spending on your MPS contracts. With experience of equipment and service costs, as well as full understanding of contractual terms and conditions, we ensure you never overspend or end up in a bad MPS  contract again.

We Save You Time

Using our extensive network of print suppliers we do the leg work for you by negotiating your next MPS contract, putting the resource back into your business.

See what a difference we can make to your business

Problems that my procurement partner solve

Service Agreements

  • Confusing agreements
  • Minimum parts cover term
  • Extortionate cancellation costs
  • Misleading and unquantifiable KPIs
  • Harmful terms and conditions

Financial Packages

  • Loaded lease rates
  • Hidden charges
  • Volume plans & click agreements
  • Extended finances
  • Rollover of finances

Wasted time

  • Deciphering sales proposals and jargon
  • Meetings with Managed Service salesmen
  • Comparing offers
  • Vetting contracts
  • Finding the right supplier for you


My Procurement Partner understand where Managed Print Service suppliers make their money from your business. We will fight your corner in order to eliminate the unnecessary levels of profit MPS suppliers are known for, putting it back where it should be: in your business.

Free contract health check

We offer a free of charge, no obligation consultation that takes you through exactly where and how we can help your business.